Legal Notices

Legal Notices and Terms of Service

All purchases made via the TargetMC store are final. No refunds can be issued for any purchases made through the TargetMC store. Any chargebacks will result in a removal of rank privileges and a reset of a player’s bank balance. Such chargebacks will be disputed by our Legal Team.

The Senior Leadership Team reserve the right to ban any player from TargetMC without specified reason. Decisions on appeals are final.

TargetMC is registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as a Sole Trader for taxation purposes. No further registration is required by law.

TargetMC is not required to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office, as all personal data is processed through our 3rd party partners.

All legal queries and service of proceedings should be sent to:

Lewis Pull

Director - Administration, Compliance and Finance

[email protected]


As per Section 3 of the Gambling Commission Position Paper on Virtual Currencies, no license is required to be held by TargetMC for gambling and casino activities which occur in game:

“Gambling with in-game items and virtual currencies

·       Where in-game items can be traded or exchanged for money or money’s worth outside a video game, they acquire a monetary value and are themselves considered money or money’s worth.

·       Where facilities for gambling with tradable in-game items are offered to British consumers a licence is required.”

I declare that no ‘in-game items’ can be traded or exchanged for ‘money’ or ‘money’s worth’ outside of the TargetMC platform. All gaming is performed with the use of in-game currencies which hold no monetary value. All purchasable items lose their monetary value once purchased, and cannot be re-exchanged for ‘money’ or ‘money’s worth’.

Lewis Pull

Director - Administration, Compliance and Finance