..Appeal Format:

Your Username:
Reason for Ban:
Time & Date of Ban:
Name of Staff member who banned you:
Why you should be unbanned:
Supporting Evidence [Please Attach]

..How come I always get copy and pasted answers?
We on the appeals team deal with hundreds of appeals a day, and we cannot give lengthy custom responses to each appeal. We use copy and pasted answers in order to give those appealing their answer quicker and more efficiently.

..Can I appeal multiple times, even after my first appeal was denied?
Once your first appeal has been answered, no other appeals can be made for that specific mute or ban.

..I have been banned for a long time, can I still make an appeal?
You can still make an appeal, even if you've been banned for a long time. However, your appeal will most likely be denied.
Last Updated: 30 Jan 2018
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