If you have been banned, below you will find information as to why you have been banned and how to proceed with appealing. Please note that not all ban reasons may be represented below.

Baymax Cheat Detection
Our automated Cheat Detection Neural Network detected your in-game behaviour as indicating usage of modifications or exploits which are not permitted.

Advertising Domain/Server Advertising
If you were banned for advertising domain or server advertising, this means that you were publicly posting another server's domain name and or IP.​

Inappropriate/Bad Name
If you are banned for inappropriate name or bad name, this means your name was deemed inappropriate for the server and you will be banned and or not able to join the server until you change it. ​

If you were banned for scamming/phishing, this means that you were advertising a potentially harmful link that could threaten players account security, or you were attempting to sell goods to other players in an attempt to scam them out of their money.​

Exploiting/Team Griefing
If you were banned for exploiting or team griefing, this means that you were exploiting a glitch in a game or on a map, or you were griefing your team during a game. Some examples include getting out of a map or killing your teammates in a game.​

Inappropriate Skin/Cape
If you were banned for inappropriate skin or inappropriate cape, this means that your minecraft skin or optifine cape was deemed to be inappropriate.​

Other Bans
There may be other ban reasons not covered by the above. If you were banned for something other than the above, the ban reason should be specific enough to understand.​
Last Updated: 30 Jan 2018
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