If you have been muted, below you will find information as to why you have been muted and how to proceed with appealing. Please note that not all mute reasons may be represented below.

If you were muted for the above reason, this was because you were either spamming in chat, being inappropriate in chat, swearing, or being rude to other players.​

Verbal Abuse
If you were muted for Verbal Abuse, you told a player to do something to themselves in real life that could potentially harm them.​

Negative Behavior
If you were muted for negative behavior, you were either repeatedly verbally attacking another player, or bothering them over an extended period of time or targeting a certain group of people due to color, religion, ethnicity, or beliefs.

Social Media Advertising
If you were muted for social media advertising, advertising youtube channel, or advertising twitch, you were advertising on the server without the YT rank which is against the rules.

Other Mutes
There may be other mute reasons not covered by the above. If you were muted for something other than the above, the mute reason should be specific enough to understand.
Last Updated: 30 Jan 2018
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